About the Friends of Maine's Seabird Islands


The mission of the Friends of Maine's Seabird Islands is to support Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge in its efforts to conserve, protect, and enhance the rich diversity of coastal habitats, seabirds, and other wildlife. In order to achieve our mission we have developed goals and objectives.


• Develop networks to support funding for seabird island protection.
• Build diverse, broad-based community support.
• Build awareness and appreciation of island habitats through education.
• Promote local and national media coverage.
• Attend and present information at fisherman and boat shows.


• Sponsor symposia, lectures and conferences, and written materials.
• Support the development an education center and special programs.
• Sponsor an island intern program.
• Operate a web site.


• Build partnerships and coalitions with other coastal conservation organizations.
• Develop individual, foundation and corporate support.
• Sponsor hands-on, activity-oriented stewardship projects.

Grant from our partners at Bangor Savings Bank

Friends of Maine's Seabird Islands was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in July 2002 and received 501(c)(3) tax status from the IRS in May 2003.

Grant Requests to the Friends of Maine's Seabird Islands

FOMSI annually makes available a limited amount of funding to individuals, agencies, and non-profit organizations for:

  • student and island researcher support
  • education/outreach projects
  • support of refuge priorities
  • seabird research projects

Requests for support for the upcoming field season should be received by FOMSI by February 1st. Applicants will be notified of FOMSI's decision by March 1st.

FOMSI's board may consider requests for non-seasonal projects at any time. Requests should generally range between $1,000 and $3,000.

Each request must include a statement of purpose, project justification, methods, details on study location or study species and a detailed budget, including other funding sources, requests or partners.

Recipients must submit a short written accomplishment report at the end of the project (or within a year of the funds being provided) and make a presentation at a FOMSI Board meeting or other FOMSI-sponsored event.
FOMSI must be given credit for our support. A written acknowledgement and suitable logo placement is required on any published materials resulting from a supported projects. For other projects, creative but appropriate recognition is required.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up individuals from many different industries and sectors in Maine. We pride ourselves on maintaining a diverse group of individuals that can contribute to the capacity of the organization and to the protection of seabirds and island habitat in many different facets.

Michael Thompson, Chair
[email protected]

Tom Goettel, Treasurer 
[email protected]

Meriwether Gill, Vice Chair
[email protected]

William Goodwill
Midcoast Audubon Society
[email protected]

Dick Tomeo, Secretary
[email protected]

Charlie Walsh
BioProcess Algae
[email protected]

Scott F. Hess, Esq.
Elliott & MacLean LLP [email protected]

Ted Skowronski
ChelTed Studios


Beth Goettel, Refuge Manager 
Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge 
207-594-0600 ext. 2 
207-594-0605 (fax) 
[email protected]

Brian Benedict, Deputy Refuge Manager
Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge 
207-594-0600, ext. 4 
[email protected]


Carrey M. Doucette, Outreach Coordinator
Friends of Maine's Seabird Islands
P.O. Box 1231
9 Water Street
Rockland , Maine 04841
207-594-0600, ext. 5
[email protected]

Friends of Maine's Seabird Islands | P. O. Box 1231 | 9 Water Street | Rockland, ME 04841
[email protected] | 207.594.0600 x5