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Common tern (Photo by Kirk Rogers).

Double-crested Cormorants.
In 1900, there were no cormorants breeding on the Maine coast.

Atlantic Puffin.


Friends of Maine Seabird Islands...

... We encourage conservation and appreciation of seabirds, their nesting and coastal habitats, and support the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge. We are a non-profit, community-based organization founded in 2003 by local individuals dedicated to protecting these precious resources.

Seabird island cruise passengers

Our annual Seabird Island Cruise, on August 1, was a huge success! The trip sold out again, and over 100 people enjoyed blue skies and calm seas. We visited Eastern Egg Rock, Franklin Island National Wildlife Refuge, and other islands in Muscongus Bay, and saw plenty of puffins, terns, gulls, and even a peregrine falcon. Biologists from the Maine Coastal Island NWR, Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, and the Audubon Society helped with species identification and gave us their perspectives on seabird management challenges and reserach. We especially enjoyed the warm welcome and interesting talk we received at Barbara Ernst Prey's gallery in Port Clyde near the boat landing.  Please check back here for details of our trip in 2011. 

A new map is now available highlighting Maine's seabird nesting islands...(more).

Discovery Center Project

Discovery Center

The Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge's Discovery Center is happening!!!  FOMSI helped the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service purchase the former daycare center at 9 Water St. in Rockland, and quickly hired a painter to freshen the exterior and make needed repairs to this stunning, historic building. The National Wildlife Refuge System quickly committed funds to transform the 9,000 square foot, modernized building into a visitor center and headquarters, something that the Refuge has never had. This center will highlight the important seabird protection and management that the Refuge and its partners are working on. It will also give the many visitors who may never be fortunate enough to visit a seabird colony a simulation of this incredible experience. The center is not open yet because the building requires some renovation, but the Refuge staff will move into the building in September after their busy field season. THANK YOU to all who helped make this building a reality!!!

Senator Snowe Visits the Discovery Center

Senator Snowe and Refuge Manager Beth Goettel

United States Senator Olympia Snowe visited the Discovery Center in Rockland on August 8, 2010, accompanied by Rockland Mayor Deb McNeil. She was very pleased with the project, and was especially interested in the positive economic impact that seabird colonies have on Maine's tourism industry. We have been very fortunate to have the support of the entire Maine Congressional delegation since the project's inception, and have also been warmly welcomed into the area by the Rockland Mayor, City Council, and Chamber of Commerce.

Friends of Maine Seabird Islands
P.O. Box 1231
Rockland, ME 04841
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